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In an effort to help all coaches who access this website, I wanted to give you some idea as to how names and terminology play a role with the site.  There are two main rules that you should expect when it comes to a particular offense or defense being explained.  They are:

  • All single-digit numbers and words used without numbers proceeding them are offensive terms.  Words indicate sets and quick hitters while single-digit numbers indicate offenses.

  • If anything leads with a double-digit number, it is meant to indicate a defense.  We will use a double-digit number to indicate the type of defense used and that will be followed by either a single-digit number to indicate the pick-up point of the defense or a word to indicate some sort of adjustment to the defense.

The offenses will vary from year to year and the different offenses used will be mentioned on other pages throughout the website.  However, the defenses shown in the following list here can give an indication of the defenses possible.

Man-to-Man Defense (10 Series):
10-1 - Transition man-to-man defense
10-2 - Half-court man-to-man defense
10-3 - Three-quarter court man-to-man defense
10-4 - Full-court man-to-man defense
Short - Tag attached to a particular man-to-man defense indicating a double-team of the offense's best ball-handler.  The player guarding the inbounds passer assists with the double team and the inbounds passer is not guarded.
Middle - Tag attached to a particular man-to-man defense indicating that the inbounds passer's defender is in the middle of the offensive formation as opposed to guarding the inbounds passer.
Deep - Tag attached to a particular man-to-man defense indicating that the best basket defender is deeper than all the offensive players and the inbounds passer is not guarded.

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