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A membership subscription will give basketball coaches looking for new schemes and drills and basketball players looking for a better way to understand and learn the game.  A variety of offenses, defenses, skill development drills and ideas on current events in basketball are available to all members on Coach Peel Basketball.

When you sign up for membership on Coach Peel Basketball, you will get the following features and more:

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  • Free access to all future Coach Peel Basketball scouting reports on college and professional basketball teams.

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  • First notice of any new features that will be made available here at Coach Peel Basketball.

If you order an annual site membership subscription today, you will get your first 30 days free!

All memberships are good for as long as you want to be a member of Coach Peel Basketball.  We have several payment options which you can choose from based on your preference and your budget!

Once you check out, you will be taken to a webpage where you can sign up and register for Coach Peel Basketball.

Membership Subscription with Monthly Payments: $6.00 per month

Membership Subscription with Quarterly Payments: $15.00 per quarter (save over 16.6%)

Membership Subscription with Annual Payments: $50.00 per year (save over 30.5% & get your first 30 days free!)

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